Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Cute pics

Enjoying a peach

First hot tub experience, don't worry I checked the water temp. and it was appropriate.

helping daddy pull "weeds"

Rece reading to Carmine...he loves reading to anyone.

Mr. cool dude

Messy Boy

Carmine has signed his first sign, milk! He is also starting to wave and clap! He has waved a couple times, the first time at himself in a mirror and the second time to Rece in the morning. The clapping is not quite together yet, but you can tell he is trying. He is getting better with solids. But he still has to be quite hungry to actually eat much of it. But right now his favorites seem to be avacado, pear and peaches. We have tried peas and will be trying potatoes today! He just still really enjoys the boob! ;) Rece cracks me up everyday! He is so funny and knows it. Today I caught him making two stuffed animals kiss! And he was on the ground crawling around going under Carmine's crib like the dogs do, so I think he is really starting to use his imagination and make believe play a little. A long way to go still but this is the first sign of it I guess! He also reads all day, out loud to whoever will listen or just to himself in his room, like he is doing right now.


hollibobolli said...

I love the disclaimer about the water temp.. (rolling eyes - LOL!!)

They're so cute!!

aunt annie said...

cute pics!!!! i love rece in te hot tub and carmine with his hat!

Queen Bug said...

Looks like they are both doing well!! Lanie also will to anyone who will listen. It cracks me up too. I taught her how to "show me" what she wants so all day she grabs my hand, says "here I show you" and takes me to whatever she wants. Usually it's something she's not allowed to have though.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

Great pictures!

Mom Tu-Tu said...

Hi! I saw your comment on my blog and couldn't find a way to e-mail you. I am in a small town near the Dayton, Ohio area.