Friday, August 17, 2007

Update on Rece

Well, we had our follow up meeting with our service coordinator for Rece's evaluations. First of all, the numbers that were missing last time I got through the evaluation summary. In speech he is only delayed about 1 month. So no speech therapy was recommended. In fine motor and cognitive he was at a 24 month level, so about 7 months behind. So, next week some time I will be getting a phone call to set up occupational therapy and probably physical therapy. And with the preschool for the next couple of months I will have to take a wait and see approach. I am not really clear on what will go on with the preschool. If he qualifies for the special education preschool then he will start in January, but if he doesn't qualify then I probably won't even attempt it until the fall, cause I am just assuming that he won't be potty trained, which he has to be to start at almost any preschool.
Obviously I would prefer if he was completely "normal" and on track but at this point I hope he qualifies for the preschool just because I think it would be so beneficial for him and for me. But if the therapy helps then it shouldn't be such a struggle everyday and then maybe preschool wouldn't be such of relief. We will see.


hollibobolli said...

GAH - I just don't know what to do about potty training either.. Faith keeps putting it back to magical numbers in her mind, then when they arrive - no potty training. I know all these moves set us back even further. Is she going to be in a diaper in first grade???

Maureen said...

At the early intervention preschool that my cousin went to here in FL, they didn't have to be potty trained. Connor is potty trained, but not poop trained. He asks for a diaper every time he has to go and I haven't pushed the issue. He'll go when he's ready I guess. Once Connor realized it was uncomfortable to be in a wet diaper, it got alot better. I'm sure Rece do fine!

Maureen said...

WILL do fine that is!