Thursday, July 19, 2007

Doctors Appointments

We had a doctor appointment today for both boys. Rece did really well even with the Doctor looking in his ears. And the nurse asked if Rece played games and I said you mean like Ring around the Rosies? and she said yes, and Rece promptly started performing. It was cute. And Carmine did pretty good. He got shots and he cried but as soon as I turned him around to face me he stopped crying. Pretty easy. He gained almost a pound and 1/4". And Rece gained 2 lbs. and 3/4". both have pretty much stayed on the same growth curve as they have been on. Everyone looks good and Carmine will go back in 3 months and Rece in 6 months.

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Queen Bug said...

It funny how close our kids are in length and weight! At Jena's 6 month she was 26 1/4 inches and 15lbs 10ozs.