Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Zoo!

We went to the zoo today with Mandy and Joey and her friend Tara and her little boy Salvatore. Rece was the oldest of all the boys and definitely the most interested in the animals. I know Mandy was a little disappointed in Joey's lack of reaction, but I tried to warn her that Rece was just starting to really get into it! All of the boys did great, Rece was the only one not to fall asleep in the stroller. Of course. He loved "Mumble" or the penguin exhibit. When he saw them, he said "penguin dance!" He kept saying, poor guy was waiting for them to start doing the Happy Feet! But he also really liked the monkeys, all of them. Of course they are some of the most active animals. We got a close up of a couple of Orangutans. He kept saying Hi to them. So cute. And Jungle Jack Hanna was there today, doing some type of TV thing. I felt a little silly taking a picture but I was definitely not the only one. Of course Carmine was perfectly content hanging out in the infant seat. Pretty soon he will want to be sitting up and looking at everything-mostly the other people. And since Rece was so good he got to take home a little "Mumble" of his own. Carmine got one too, but it is a hand puppet and a little smaller. And that was the end of it! We were there for about 3 1/2 hours so for 4 little boys 2 and under they did so great!

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