Thursday, May 10, 2007


Things have been pretty crazy around here as anyone who has ever had a puppy can imagine. But it is fun crazy, usually. Gunner is doing pretty good. He definitely has the occasional accident but what puppy doesn't? But unfortunately he has diarrhea. That is not fun. And while Carmine is sleeping through the night we usually have to get up once to take Gunner outside!

And with the non-fur babies, Carmine I believe is teething! What do I even do with that! Rece didn't get his first tooth until he was 10 months. I could be wrong, but he is having all the teething symptoms. He is waking at night occasionally, he is slightly feverish. His poop is runny and smells a little funkier. And his bottom gums at times are white. And he is ALWAYS chewing on his hands. Now he is a thumb sucker, but chewing on his hands is different.

And as far as getting Carmine on a schedule with his naps, that is practically impossible, with how busy I keep Rece! So a lot of the times right now he just falls asleep in the pack-n-play. I am really ok with that now but I know eventually he won't sleep very well in the pack-n-play. But I guess as long as he is happy while awake and sleeping through the night for the most part and going to bed at about 7:30 then there isn't anything to complain about. His eating is on a schedule usually. He eats shortly after he wakes up, then again at noonish, then at 3:30 or so and then againat 7ish. Oh well schedules are sometimes overrated! It will come.

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Beth said...

Sounds pretty crazy there! We've been crazy here too! Hopefully it settles down soon for both of us! :o) Have a great Mother's Day!