Monday, April 9, 2007

The Hunt

He had a lot of fun hunting for the eggs. He found about 10 on his own and then started to get a little bored. He had a harder time with the baskets I think because he didn't quite understand what the baskets were. Of course once he found the candy he was happy. In his baskets he got a potty training book, giant sidewalk chalk, a bunny straw, babylegs, and some candy. Carmine got some baby rattles/toys and some babylegs. Unfortunately Carmine missed the festivities due to sleeping in.

These are there easter outfits!

We did another egg hunt at my Grandma's OUTSIDE! It was freezing. Rece didn't seem to mind, but he didn't seem all that interested in finding eggs either. So it was a short lived hunt. One of the eggs he did find he decided it would be fun to squeeze it as hard as he could. That was pretty funny. And then we was banging two other eggs together. This was a fun age to do this. And I know it will get even more fun every year, of course until he is "too old" for it all!



Beth said...

Adorable Easter outfits! Glad you all had fun! We did too, minus the nasty cold and cough Baylor has! Hopefully he will be healthy as a horse when you guys come. As long as Averie doesn't get it that is...

aunt annie said...

those outfits are great..even better then they sounded on the phone!!! i love that smiley baby of yours too.