Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Egg Coloring!

A White Easter???

This was really fun with Rece this year! I wasn't quite sure what to expect. So, I only hardboiled 7 eggs thinking Rece's attention span would only allow him to do that many. Oh, was I wrong!! So after the original 7 were done we did what we had left-another 7. After that he was still asking for more so we diverted him with stickers for the eggs.

At first I gave him the egg and asked what color he wanted. He of course said "GEEEEEEN!" So we brought the green dye to him and I told him to put the egg in. He put the egg and his hand in and didn't remove either. So, I had to prompt him to let go of the egg. By the second round of eggs he was ploping them in like an old pro! We let him dig the egg out himself. So by the end, we had 14 colored eggs and 2 colored hands. I am loving holidays with a 2 year old! I love starting all these traditions with my family. Carmine got to enjoy the festivities in his high chair. Which, was the first time in the highchair!

Rece did get a little carried away and started banging an egg on the table. Needless to say, we ended up with a couple of cracked eggs!

More on the Egg Hunt later!

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