Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weekly Weigh In

Weight-141.5 (-2/-13.5 total)
Thigh-21.25 (-.25/-1.25 total)
Hips-39.5 (-.5/-2.5 total)
Waist-34.5 (-1/-4.5 total)
Chest-38 (+.5/-1.25 total)
Upper Arm-10.5 (-..25/-.75 total)

What a great week! I was not expecting this. I have had strep throat so I haven't worked out the last 2 days, but back on track today. I was really excited about the weight and the hips. Losing in the waist is always exciting but I have been doing that pretty consistently. I still have some pregnancy weight there.


Aaron's Mom said...

Yahoo! The most exciting part for me was when the numbers got a new number in them like a 3, then a 2... I'm actually at the same place you are right now, only my son is 21 months! Argh, it's so hard but I'm determined to do it this time because I have goals - matron of honor in a wedding, moved to CA with beaches; yeah, this should make it easier to stick to it!

Congratulations on your great week!

Beth said...

Awesome job! You are doing great! I love the weeks when you are least expecting to do so good! I am proud of you and can't wait to go wardrobe shopping! I know you will make your goal!

Chasity said... look great!!! It's great to see you reaching your goals. The smaller you get the bigger I will get LOL :0) Great job!!!