Sunday, March 25, 2007

Carmine's Baptism

Carmine was baptized today! Afterwards we had a little reception in our church basement. My mom made the cake and the day turned out to be pretty successful. Carmine was very quiet during church. He fussed a little when the water got poured on him but liked it even less when the pastor put his hand on Carmine's head to bless him :) And of course during the children's message the pastor pointed Carmine out because the message was about baptism and I was breastfeeding. The same exact thing happened with Rece!
This is Carmine with his parents and Godparents, Annie (friend) and Keith (my brother).



Chasity said...

Everything turned out great Tonia!! What a great day!!!

hollibobolli said...

What a blessed event. I'm glad everything went great - including keeping with tradition and the breast feeding exposure!!


Beth said...

So glad everything went well! We are so sad we couldn't make it! :o( We are very excited to have you guys up here soon! I'll call you today!

Aunt annie & uncle Brandon said...

we loved visiting you guys this weekend...can't wait to see you all soon!