Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weekly Weigh In

Weight-143.5 (-1.5/-11.5 total)
Thigh-21.5 (0/-1 total)
Hips-40 (0/-2 total)
Waist-35.5 (-.75/-3.5 total)
Chest-37.5 (-.5/-1.75 total)
Upper Arm-10.75 (0/-.5 total)

I was pretty happy today. I don't really think my legs are going to change all that much but I am ok with that. Everything else I would still like to see change a little at least. And I am so sore!! I think my chest is also where it is going to stay for a while because of breastfeeding. But I know that will go down again later on. No hurry for that though.

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