Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Can't we all just be healthy in this house!? First Rece then me then my mom and now Carmine and Rece are both sick! I hate that Carmine is sick so soon but it is just congestion and a cough. No fever yet. Fever is basically the only way the doctor would want to see Carmine this young cause they won't give him medicine yet. But does pneumonia always come with a fever? The cough is worrying me a little. It keeps us both miserable at night. Last night he technically slept through the night for the first time, but everytime he would cough he would cry. So I would be up with him even though he never woke up. He nursed at 11 pm then not again until 5 am. And at 5 am I woke him up and he only half nursed on one side. Then he didn't nurse again until 8:30. I had to go pump at 5:30 because I was so uncomfortable. He has had this cold since Friday and partially because of that Carmine has slept in bed with us more in 3 weeks then Rece has in 2 years! Rece was always calmed by walking and a pacifier when he was this young. Carmine doesn't really like the pacifier (which is fine by me) and all he wants when he cries is to be held. I don't like getting into that habit of him sleeping with us but I can't let him cry this young especially when he is sick! Him sleeping with us makes me nervous when he is this little too. Last night we tried the swing, because we thought maybe him being flat on his back in the cradle was making the drainage worse but it didn't really help either. I guess me being a sleep prop for Carmine is no different then Rece's pacifier and Rece's pacifier was gone by 5 months. Hopefully once he feels better he won't cry in his sleep as much. Don't get me wrong he is doing great at night for a 3 week old! And I think it is safe to say that Rece is not disturbed at night by the crying!! We were a little worried about that. Of course we will have to see once Carmine is in his own room sharing a wall with Rece's room!



Chasity said...

I hope you all are feeling better soon!!! I need to get out there and see your boys!!!!! :0)

Queen Bug said...

I hope it gets better soon! I know how you feel... two trips to the kids' doctors and now I'm sick! We've been co-sleeping with Jena too. Sometimes I think I should just go buy a co-sleeper so that she'll be safe in between us. We're currently trying to break her of that habit and it's hard. She got used to it after 1 week. Neither of my kids want/ed the pacifier so I their pacifier. Good luck, I hope it all works out.