Friday, February 9, 2007

First of all you were right. Rece was the first picture! But, boy do they look alike!

Rece has gotten much better about geing gentle with Carmine. He LOVES kissing and hugging him and even holding him. It is so cute, but he has tried to pick him up so we still have to watch very closely. Poor Carmine spends a LOT of time in the pack n play. That is the only place we don't have to worry constantly about Rece stepping on him or poking his eye accidentally.

And this morning we were playing in the playroom and his favorite thing down there is by far the slide. So I was cuddling in the papasan chair with Carmine and Rece was playing. He was going down the slide over and over. Well occasionally he stands up at the top and we tell him to sit down please. Usually it all works out ok...not this morning TWICE!!! The first time he stood up and looked up to point to one of the lights. He fell off backwards. I jumped up to go check on him and he was already on his way to standing up. So I knew he wasn't hurt, at least not badly, but he was pretty scared. So I cuddled him a couple minutes and I made him go back up the slide. I don't want him to be afraid, but I held his hand while he went down. I went back to Carmine and realized he was on his belly in the chair. I guess I rolled him when I got up :) Then I was putting together one of his puzzles in an effort to clean up the playroom a little and I look up and he is once again standing on the slide. I said Rece, sit DOWN. As I said that he fell forward! He fell like he was rolling down a hill on his side and he did a couple of rolls. His arm looked like it might have been a little twisted. But he got right up and I made him give me high fives with each arm and he seemed fine. Again scared to death, but that made two of us! After that we went upstairs! And this is why I lay the slide on its side when he is down there by himself!!!!!

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Chasity said...

Rece is such a daredevil :0) I know Conner will be like that too soon It's great to hear how cute the boys are together!!!