Monday, February 19, 2007

I swore I would never do this....

I can't believe I dressed them in matching outfits. But the outfits were too cute and it was really Annie's fault!

We had a really busy weekend. Annie and Brandon came down this weekend. Annie actually came down on Thursday night and just left this afternoon. So we hung out and shopped on Friday. Then Brandon came down Friday night. On Saturday we just hung out until Tony, Carmine and I went to a wedding. Thanks to Annie, Brandon and my mom for watching Rece! The wedding was an hour away and we weren't planning on staying long at the reception, plus with Rece getting over being sick (hopefully) we just decided it was better to leave him at home. Plus Annie and Brandon got to spend a few hours with him! Then Sunday we had a 1st birthday party and we went to lunch. And while we were at the mall having lunch, we finally did Rece's build-a-bear that he had a gift card for from his 1st birthday! I will post a picture of that later. Right now it is in Rece's crib with him napping! Brandon left after lunch on Sunday. Then Annie went to lunch with me, Carmine and Rece before leaving today!

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Aunt annie said...

i had such a good time with everyone!!! see you again soon!