Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How old is he?

Oh, that is right, he is 2!!!! And he has hit those wonderful terrible twos! This morning I took him out of his chair from breakfast and carried him over to the living room and set him down because Carmine was crying. As soon as I took even one step away from him he just started screaming. And when I picked Carmine up he ran over to me and grabbed my clothes and started stomping his feet and screaming. And eventually once I put Carmine back down he said up please. I told him that was all he had to say and that screaming wasn't going to work. Then when my mom left for work he ran over to the door and was screaming and hitting the door for 5 minutes after she left. Oh, the fun really begins! This tantrum throwing actually doesn't really bother me, even in public. I have no problem ignoring this type of behavior. And we are finding very quickly that ignoring is most of the time the best discipline for him. He thrives on attention. And I know all kids do, but he thrives on negative attention just as much as positive. He isn't affected by the negative.

And then in the same day, he played downstairs by himself for 45 minutes. Very quietly building with his legos and playing with his kitchen. It was so cute, I just stood there watching him very carefully putting a cup in the microwave. He was very careful to put it right side up. I couldn't help but wonder if he did this because that is what I do when I make him oatmeal, his favorite breakfast food. It is so interesting how their little minds work.

How can he switch it on and off so easily???

Last night he wanted to try out my mom's boots. He really couldn't walk in them.

Introducing Trouble, his build a bear. I would say Trouble x2!


Beth said...

Not looking forward to temper tantrums...but yes, we'll ignore them as well!!! Your mom's boots detinitely complete his outfit! So...coming Thursday is going to work for you guys? :o) Cute-Trouble x2!

Laurie said...

I say the same thing about Haleigh... she'll flip the switch and go from so sweet to screaming and kicking and I'll stop and think "oh, right, she's a two year-old."

cute build-a-bear! Haleigh's got a pink poodle lol.

Katie said...

I LOVE the matching outfits! If I have two of a kind, I'm going to do that with at least a few outfits. It's just too adorable!