Tuesday, February 13, 2007

How do we do it?

Stay at home moms that is? (or dads)....

This is what happened at about 4:00 this afternoon! I have 3 sleeping boys in my living room. Tony didn't have to go to work today due to all the snow and freezing rain!

This is how Rece fell asleep. He is yet again sick. He has had a fever all day. He was up 5 times last night crying! More then Carmine! Carmine has his 1 month appointment tomorrow so I called to make sure he could check Rece over too. Everyone needs to get better! I think Carmine is almost better, but now Rece again. Hopefully it doesn't keep going like this.


Aaron's Mom said...

Sweet pictures! Sorry about the sickness though.

Chasity said...

I hope you all feel better soon!!! How cute all 3 boys asleep at once in mid afternoon...that's something you won't see everyday!!!