Wednesday, February 14, 2007

1 Month

Carmine is 1 month old! I can't believe it.

We had his 1 month appointment today along with a sick visit for Rece. Carmine is 8 lbs. 10.5 oz. and 21 in. His height is in the 25th percentile and his weight is between 25th and 50th. He is growing like a weed. They asked if he is smiling, being alert while awake, tracking some with his eyes and grasping fingers. We could happily say yes to all 4 questions! Compared to Rece at 1 month, Carmine is 1.5 oz. smaller and .25 in. bigger!

As far as Rece goes, his fever was 103.3 this morning. And his ear infections have still not cleared up all the way. The doctor thinks he has another viral bug causing the fever on top of his existing infections. So we got a third round on antibiotics. This one a little stronger. The poor little guy is miserable. He is so whiny and clingy and crying a lot today! I can't really blame him cause I am sure he is probably achy and has no idea why. The doctor said the fever should be gone in the next day or two and he is already started on his antibiotics.

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