Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On to tablefoods!

Well, we have started trying some random table foods with Carmine. And he seems to be so much more into it than he has been with baby food. He has had brocolli, ham, potatoes, pear, peach, watermelon, canteloupe. Probably more things I can't think of. We are still trying to keep it pretty simple and there are certain things that are off limits to him. And he will still be getting some baby food-the ones he really likes-avacado, sweet potatoes, pear and peaches. He will also be finishing off the others I already had frozen. I am loving this whole new relaxed approach. I found this article and it helped me relax a little because it just makes sense. And so far it has been true. Plus, now I am much more relaxed about the fact that he isn't actually "eating" much with this method. It is more about learning right now. He is getting all the nutrients he needs from me, which is how it should be right now. How much one can change between children!! I am definitely not more relaxed about which foods he is eating, but in other areas I am. At this point Rece had not even had ANY table food! Here he is enjoying his brocolli!


traciandira said...

That is the most adorable picture!

Queen Bug said...

soooo cute! he doesn't have teeth yet! i wish jena didn't have any... she's going on #5. overachiever.

Queen Bug said...

scratch that... saw the first took post ;o)