Saturday, July 7, 2007


We took the boys to see the big fireworks in the city. Carmine just stared at them with very little reaction. Rece kind of whined a little but eventually he loved them and kept asking for more.
We went with Conner and his mommy and daddy. Rece and Conner just loved dancing to the music that was played by a band.

Carmine took a little catnap waiting for all of the festivities to start!


hollibobolli said...

Faith is STILL talking about the fireworks - STILL!!! We saw some on tv the other night and she flipped out all over again. Oh to have that level of excitement again. Or maybe I still do.

The pics are so cute - Faith wants a baby brother or sister like crazy. And your cute babies make it look... perfect.

Beth said...

HAPPY 6 MONTHS CARMINE! I can't believe you are actually 6 months already! :o)