Monday, July 30, 2007

The Ceremony!

Rece did awesome!! He got to follow daddy, so we had the person waiting with him just tell him to go get daddy. He ran up the aisle carrying the pillow. Then he was so good while the ceremony was going on. We had smarties as bribe candy for him. He only had like 3 of them and he didn't even eat them, he was just playing with them. Which was actually better except he did have to crawl after a couple of them. He sat on the step at the alter, he crawled acrosss it and played a little but he didn't even attempt to leave the alter or go play on it where the pastors were. Tony only had to pick him up once and that was only because Hope and Keith were going to light the unity candle and he didn't want them to trip on him. Then afterwards he ran back down the aisle. He was pretty good for pictures afterwards but we will have to see how they turned out. And of course Carmine looked super cute in his tux!
my little piano man!the groom and his godson

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Beth said...

So adorable!!! I NEED more pictures! How about a family one?!? So, seriously we need to come down for a visit or you need to come has been way too long! Carmine has so much hair! And he is sitting up? Isn't he only like 3 months old or something? CRAZY.