Friday, June 22, 2007

There is a first for everything!

My non-climbing child-you know the one that hates the climbing part of gymnastics-climbed up onto his changing table and layed down!!!! WHAT! Tony thought I put him up there and left him. So today I got a video...I will post it in the sidebar in a little bit!


Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh every time I run it! Love, Aunt Claudia

Queen Bug said...

Oh my goodness, my oldests started doing that too!!! Everytime she'd go upstairs and it was too quiet, she'd be up there. She even regressed from using her potty. She'd climb up on the changing table and lay down and asked to be changed. When we refused, she'd go during naptime! It was horrible and I think she's given up finally after two weeks. That's crazy that he did it too!