Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Long Week-Just the Start!

Well, last Tuesday Brandon and Annie came for a little visit! Annie is a teacher so she is off for the summer. And Brandon just decided to take a little vacation. So they got here on Tuesday. That evening we went grocery shopping with Keith and Hope for a party we had on Sunday (more on that later). Then we went to get ice cream. No pictures of this day. No pictures Wednesday either. We had a calm day then had dinner with Joey and Maggie and their parents. But then Thursday we have lots of pictures!! We started out by going to my doctor's appointment. But then we went to the park and played. Rece really just prefers walking around and playing in the dirt. Carmine LOVED laying naked in the grass while getting his diaper changed!!! Then we went to the other side of the park where there is a living Historical Farm to see the animals. Rece really liked the little ducks. He would pet the sheep but not the horses. Too big I guess. Then we went to get snow cones (which Rece now points out every time we drive by them-almost daily!) and sandwiches and hotdogs. Then home for naps. Then we went to a Columbus Clippers baseball game-Rece's first!!! But you will have to stay tuned for those pictures! Dial up only goes so fast on loading pictures people!

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aunt annie and uncle brandon said...

thaks for having us..we had a blast!