Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Playtime with Joey

Today we hung out with Joey and his mom, Mandy. First I dropped Rece off to go get my oil changed. There were no tears when I left!!! That hasn't happened in almost a month! Of course he was being told that he could go outside and play in the sandbox ;) The boys had a great time and got along with no hitting and only a little bit of testing personal space! In this picture they were at the top of the stone steps to the patio. Joey grabbed for Rece's hand and we thought that was super cute...until we realized they were about to head for disaster! Joey was trying to use Rece to get down the stairs. He figured he uses his mommy's hand to get down the steps, why not Rece's??? Luckily we caught them before they fell.Joey looking at Rece like he is crazy! And Carmine got to do a little swinging action outside!

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