Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gymnastics Finale!

Rece had his last gymnastics class for the session last night! We will be starting classes again in 2 weeks! I wasn't able to go because I was at the MOMS club spring banquet, so Tony was on his own. And he said Rece was quite the pistol. He hasn't been feeling well so we kind of knew that it might be interesting. He just didn't want to do anything that the group was doing. But since it was the last night he got a little medal and an "award of merit". Tony said he was so proud of his award and woundn't put the piece of paper down. Then of course he crumpled it up! And of course he was excited about getting a stamp! Maybe we should get stamps for when we potty train?

Daddy helping Rece with his climbing.

Miss Stacey giving Rece his medal!
This one is a little blurry but he was so proud up there holding his award of merit!
And patiently waiting for his hand to be stamped.


aunt annie said...

how cute is that kid!!

Daddy D said...

looks like fun!

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

hollibobolli said...

Yay Rece!!! Those horizontal ladder things are freaking HARD!!! Faith was kind of iffy on that one at first but liked it at the end of her gymnastics class too.

He's such a cutie pie.