Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things for Me

There are so many things that go on on a day-to-day basis that I know I will never remember 20 years from now. So here are just a few things for me. Carmine absolutely adores Rece. When we are in the car, he just stares and smiles and squeals at him. It is so cute. Rece doesn't realize it yet but I know soon he will appreciate the audience. Rece calls him Mar-nine right now. It is funny cause he can say Car and will when we ask him to, but he just won't put it together. A couple other funny words Rece says right now: Lemondae = Neeneenee, Orange = Owna. Carmine blows bubbles all the time. He doesn't slobber nearly as much as Rece used to but the bubbles are out of control :) I am going to get a couple of journals and start carrying them with me. That way I can keep track of everything I want to remember about my boys. I am going to write them to them that way someday if they are interested they can read all the cute quirky things they did. I am also going to include some of the frustrating things, such as throwing food. But I really want to do that just so I can look back and laugh at how frustrating it was and how small of an issue it is in the big picture! I love my boys more than anything and I just want to enjoy as much of them as I can but I want to remember when they were little. One day they will be sick of all the journaling and scrapbooking I have done but maybe, just maybe they will appreciate it. Or at least their wife and kids might!


Daddy D said...

it truly IS amazing how much love a young sibling can give to an infant brother or sister.

everyone always told us that she will be jealous, she will not understand, bleh bleh...but in the end, she just LOVES her sister so much and wants to be around her all the kiss, hugs, are sooo right.

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Queen Bug said...

It's funny, I started the little notebook with my first but got too busy to keep it up! I look at it every now and again.... i took notes the first 4 or 5 months and it's great to look back and see that Jena is doing the same little things. The only thing I've managed to do so far is scrapbook. That's it!

Have fun doing the notes... your boys probably won't admit it when they're teenagers, but when they are older, they'll love it!