Thursday, April 12, 2007


I really can't complain about Carmine's sleeping. He is a wonderful sleeper. I can safely say now that he is sleeping through the night. And on a normal basis he takes 2 naps. One is usually about 2 hours and the other is 3 1/2 to 4 hours! The only small issue we are having is that he just doesn't seem to want to go to sleep between the 8 and 11 hours in the evening. It is not so much a problem now, but if I don't get him on that schedule it will be a problem later on. He is a people watcher just like his brother! He doesn't want to miss anything. Last night at Rece's gymnastics class, Grammy was holding Carmine while Tony and I were in the class and Tony got in Carmine's face to talk to him and he got upset cause he wanted to watch the class!!! So when the 8:00 hour rolls around he do his whole bedtime routine and we put him in bed. If he starts crying we let him cry for 10 minutes or so. Then we try the pacifier, but he has pretty much decided that he doesn't have a need for it. And when he cries for another 10 minutes or so we pick him up and try to get him to sleep that way. He is WIDE awake when we do this. After I feed him at 10:30 or 11 he is out for the night. Eventually I know the solution will be to let him cry it out and I truly don't think he will even cry for very long, but I am just not ready to do that yet. He isn't even 3 months yet. And just like with Rece, I probably won't be ready to really let him cry it out until around 4 months. Really though, I am not complaining just noting this so I will remember this with the next baby. Actually nowadays I have 2 great sleepers!

Yesterday I don't know what was going on, but Rece slept in until 1:30 pm from the night before when he went to bed at around 9!!! He obviously didn't nap yesterday but he went to bed again at about 9 and is still sleeping at 8:20. Do they still sleep more during growth spurts at this age?? And Carmine yesterday only took one long nap from 10:15 to 4:30. What is going on in my house?? I am sure not sleeping that much!!

This is how Carmine is usually sleeping during the night, with one arm hanging out. I think we will be moving him to his crib as soon as we get the new windows in our house. Right now his room is just a little too chilly for him to be sleeping in there at night. But now that he is sleeping through the night with no help there is no reason for him to be in our room.


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aunt annie said...

did you mean to say rece slept till 10:30 or 11:30?? cause you have 1:30 and that is outrageous, is that really how long he slept?