Friday, April 13, 2007

3 Month and 27 Months

We took Carmine to go get pictures taken today for his 3 months. And while I was there I decided to do Rece's also. I was going to wait til he was 2 1/2 but I decided I wanted to go ahead and do them every 3 months still. They turned out pretty good.

Rece at 3 months

Carmine at 3 months-This isn't the best one of him, but it is the most like Rece's. Look how much hair Rece had compared to what Carmine has!! The rest of the pictures are in the link in the sidebar.

Rece at 27 months


Beth said...

Carmine keeps changing! That or the poses are making him look so different! Rece look like a handsome little man! :o) Very cute. Can't wait til next weekend!!!!!

aunt annie said...

how cute!! Carmine looks huge!!! what is the name and password to see the other pics??