Thursday, March 15, 2007

Catch Up

We have had such a busy week. Monday wasn't too bad during the day, but then I went out with some other moms to the Cheesecake Factory! YUM!! Then Tuesday we went to the zoo.
It was so beautiful out. But it also made me start thinking about a double stroller.(this is how Carmine saw the zoo). I found one at Babies R Us that has every feature that I really like except that it would be $300 when it is all said and done. So we will see. But I just don't know how long I would be able to carry one of them and push the other all day long. Then yesterday we went and got Carmine's 2 month pictures taken. We were there forever. Then last night I had a partylite party. And Rece had his first gymnastics class. Unfortunately I couldn't go because of partylite, but daddy took him and said it went pretty well. Then today I hosted recipe club for mom's club. My house is a disaster and laundry needs done and I need to exercise but I don't feel like doing anything!!! Oh well. I don't think we are going to do anything tomorrow!

And the newest thing Rece has been doing, is when I go in the morning to get him out of bed, he wants to hang out in there for a while. He just wants me to sit in the rocking chair and he hangs out in the crib. We sing and talk and play games. It is kind of funny, but hey he wakes up happy so that is all I care about.
This is him showing me his nipples :)

And Tony and I have a question for all you readers out there. We have differing opinions on this. We just recently put this window picture frame on our mantle but now one of us thinks it should stay as is(propped up) and the other thinks that we should actually hang it. What do you think?


Beth said...

One vote for hung and one vote for propped...sorry if that doesn't help!
Matt and Beth

Beth said...

Double strollers are great :o) Just to have a place to put both of them while you are out. Especially when you are out is nice to have the option! I never thought to go to the zoo during the nice days. Too bad it's too late for now!

Also, Averie does that to Matt every morning. He sits on the footstool or chair and she bounces in her bed and they talk and play. It sometimes takes like 20 minutes just to convince her to get a diaper! :o) Let me know what babylegs you want me to order for you (I want to order Saturday so you get yours next weekend)!

katertoter said...

My vote, is keep it propped it has a more contemporary feel. But, thats if you want that. If you are more into traditional, hang it.

~just my two cents.

Very cute by the way.

ninibeans said...

We have a picture above our mantel too. It is propped up since we didn't want to drill holes in the rock (the whole wall is that flat river rock, I think thats waht it's called) since who knows what will be there next.

I wasn't to sure about it at first since I have always hung everything but it's grown on me. That picture frame is so cute, it looks good propped too:)

Chasity said...

I like it propped!! So that's my vote... :0)

nelly said...

i have a double buggy and its great, but i bought mine from a friend. i would say to try ebay or something similar to get a used or even a new one as they are always going to cheaper there =)

and i like the photo frame as it is =) as long as its not likely to slip off!