Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekly Weigh In

WHAT HAPPENED?!? The first week I work out every day and I gain in almost every place! Oh well, I am bumping up my workouts this week. I guess this shows that I really need to start being better about eating.

Weight-148.5 (+1.5/-2.5 total)
Thigh-22 in. (no change/-.5 total)
Hips-41 in. (+.5/-1 total)
Waist-38 in. (+1/-1 total)
Chest-38 in. (+.5/-1.25 total)
Upper arm-11 in. (no change/-.25 total)


Beth said...

Don't worry the eating thing is the hard but is pretty easy to adjust to. Just don't be too strict! And remember, you have plenty of time! :o) Carmine isn't even one month old will get there!!!

Aunt annie said...

no worries i had a bad week to and this one looks like it is starting off not so good as well!!! that is why i never emailed you my stats...i was not happy with them! hang in there and i will se you soon!!!