Thursday, February 1, 2007

Playing catch up!

My phone line has been down since Monday, so I am a little behind. So, this is just going to be random things.

His first real bath!! He seemed to enjoy it, no crying until the end when he was getting cold.

Daddy's little helper!

I think we have another thumbsucker!!!

I swear I think he is really smiling! Not in this picture cause obviously this is gas or a good dream, but he really has seemed to respond to us already with smiles. He does it while we are talking to him! Is that possible at 2 weeks?

Cream cheese mustache!!! He was sharing a bagel with me.

Rece has really made big improvements with his speech lately. He is really attempting the two syllables now. Everything used to just be one syllable, oatmeal=meal, noah=no, carmine=mine. Now when he is learning a new word it becomes th syllable doubled, noah=no no, then it progresses to the real word. Well wth pizza we are stuck at the middle step so pizza=pee pee!!


katertoter said...

I can't believe how much the boys look alike. Hope you are adjusting to having both of them. What cuties.

Anonymous said...

He is smiling! I saw him do it over and over again to mommy's voice, one time huge!


Beth said...

He looks a lot like I remember Rece looking! Can't wait to visit!