Friday, February 16, 2007


and never come back stupid bug that is going around!!!!! Last night Rece woke up coughing and crying at 2:30 am. Tony went in there to find that he had thrown up. So we rocked him back to sleep and changed his bedding. Then Tony slept with him for the rest of the night on the couch, where he threw up one more time. Everyone in this house needs to get better!


Chasity said...

Poor Rece...I hope it leaves you guys alone too!! Grab some disinfectant and go crazy with it...that should help get rid of it... :0)

Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear that everybody is sick! I hope everyone gets better soon.

Queen Bug said...

Get well soon! I hope your mastitis has gone away. I'm lucky I've only gotten it once this time!